Global Cyber Expo 2024

March 15th
20 Speakers
Yasho Bhoomi, New Delhi
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Global Cyber Expo 2024

Introducing Global Cyber Expo, born in 2023 and powered by XCOODE - Darknone Global Pvt. Ltd. We're your global fortress in the bug bounty arena, defending the ever-changing digital frontier. In a tech-driven world filled with risks, we're your steadfast digital guardians. At our conference, connect with diverse minds, gain invaluable insights, and master the vast cyberspace. A Expo, where code management meets security excellence. We provide top-notch solutions to the industry and empower hackers worldwide with premium education and skills. We are the genesis of security, the forefront of innovation, and the heartbeat of global hackers.

About Us

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Global Speakers

International experts sharing diverse knowledge.

Best Experience

Advancements in sophisticated cyberattacks, artificial intelligence exploits, and Internet of Things (IoT) vulnerabilities drive innovation in the hacking landscape.


Cybersecurity professionals connecting and sharing insights.

Live Hacking

Dynamic display of hacking expertise.

Government Executives

World leaders engage in event activities


Certificate for Engaging in Live Hacking Workshops and Knowledge-Based Sessions


The Speakers

Tushar Verma

Offensive Security @NST

Worked in Security Architecture & DevSecOps & AWS Certified Security Specialist

Mayur Thool

Security Researcher @Inspectiv

Pen Tester specializing in Vulnerability Assessment, RED Teaming, and Web App Security

Nithissh Sathish

Application security @Mastercard

Expertise in web app and network penetration testing, bolstering cybersecurity.

Vaidik Pandya

Application Security Researcher

Identify vulnerabilities, report, and protect digital systems from cyber threats.

Ameya Dange

Cyber Lawyer @Juris Wiz

Wellknown Cyber Lawyer.

Vaibhav Kadam

Security Consultant

Outsmarting SSRF: Tips, Exploits.


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